About us

Turco Group was established in Vienna, Austria in 2012. Companies operating primarily in the food and beverage industry products, Europe, Turkey, Turkic Republics and starting marketing in the Arab States has taken the first steps in the life of trade.

Turco Group, which has made continuous progress thanks to its strong network structure, has continued its activities by addressing the marketing of the products of companies active in sectors outside the food and beverage sector, upon the intense demands and requests of its customers.

Turco Group, which aims at continuous expansion and progress, has expanded the services it offers to its customers by starting consultancy services in business development, international trade and investment by gathering all the services a company may need while entering a new market.

Turco Group, which aims to meet the needs, demands and expectations of its customers in the best way, has continued to expand its service areas by continuously renewing itself by fulfilling the requirements of the age. It has added a new service to the services it provides for the companies seeking financing for their projects or needing loans for investment, by doing all the work on behalf of its customers in order to provide the required financing or credit.

In addition, it is an investment partner with companies operating in the fields of energy, technology and R&D, or it does necessary work in finding investment partnerships.

Since its establishment, it has been working as a solution partner with many companies in order to solve the problems of its customers and to meet their requests, with its knowledge, experience and experience. With its expert staff, it continues its activities with a solution-oriented approach to its customers, a modern management approach and the strength and support it receives from its customers.

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