About Us

Turco Group has been established in Vienna, Austria in 2012 and started its first trade with commercializing the Food and Beverage companies` products in Europe, Turkey, Turkish Republics and 1.HakkımızdaArabian States.

With the start of journey, due to powerful network structure, Turco Group had a continuous progress. Owing to huge demand and requests of the clients, Turco Group proceeded its business with marketing the products of other companies in different sectors except Food and Beverage industry.

Turco Group is a company which targeted to have continuous expansion and advancement, so that it assembled all the services in which the companies may need when entering into new market under the same roof. Therefore, it expanded its existing services by offering extra services to its clients such as; business development, consultancy services in international trade and investment.

As, Turco Group´s main objective is to meet the needs, wants and expectations of its clients, it persevered to expand its services by fulfilling the requirements of the era and renewing itself perpetually. Turco Group added a new service to its current services by providing all the missions for the companies which seek/stand for a credit either for financing or investment for their projects.

Besides, Turco Group becomes a trust company with the other companies which are operating especially in Energy, Technology and R&D industry or it endeavours the required missions that are needed for finding a trust company on behalf of them.

With using its knowledge and experience that have been gained since its foundation, Turco Group has been working as a solution partner with many companies in order to perform the tasks such as solving the problems of clients and confronting the requests of clients.Turco Group will continue its business by expanding its operations day by day with its expert staff, solution-oriented approach to clients, contemporary management understanding and by the power and support from its customers.