Turco Group gives consultancy service to the companies which have desire or tendency to expand into different markets, aim to establish sales channels and sales organization, seek local partners, target to penetrate into different markets with their existing operations or look for partners.????????????

If requested, Turco Group undertakes temporary management in the operations of the companies, provide the organization. Under favour of its extensive contact network, Turco Group offers company alternatives to its customers with financial and legal issues such as administrative and human resources.

In addition, analysis, optimization and monitoring of the distributor and sales agents as well as existing sales channels, and identification of alternatives are also involved in our services. Our company is also able to procure a support or participation in the meetings on behalf of clients with its expert team about the issues such as mergers and acquisitions , joint ventures and direct investment.

Our team has a broad experience in determining a sucessful market entry strategy by understanding needs and wants of our customers in an effective way .

Business experience of our team members whom have worked with international companies for long years, are expertise in their field,have language skills and recognize different cultures enhance the success of our customers.

Our Consultancy Services:

  • Company Twinning
  • Logistic Service Support
  • Market Research-Determination of Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Solutions