Market Research/Determination of Marketing Strategy

Turco Group, imparts value-added professional consulting services to the companies which plans to enter different markets , grow or expand. It helps the companies in many aspects such as beginning operations in a new market, including necessary market research in order to grow as well as industry analysis. Turco Group offers services to the companies that already have a product group and distribution network and also it can prepare an independent evaluation report of existing distributors/sales agent and take control activities and offer different alternatives to them.

Analysing operational and commercial capabilities and value proposition of range of products and services and technical infrastructure of our customers are the subequents services such as that we offer to our customers can be summarized in the following sub-headings :

·         Identification of target markets and be subject to preliminary assessment ,

·         Conducting market research in targeted geographies,

·         Identification of alternatives for the formation of the most effective sales channels and sales organizations,

·         Company twinnings for investments or partnership,

·         Determining of potential distributors or representatives

·         Establishing contact with our clients preferred by companies and developing dialogue with our customers ,

·         Supporting our clients during the contract negotiations and signing process.